Bhartiya Samajik Sansthan


About us

The organization started its journey from the district-Lalitpur in the Bundelkhand region of the Uttar pradesh from the year 1998. And at present, for the last 7 years, it is striving towards social change in 15 villages of 03 blocks of the district-Banda.


  1.  In Societies Registration Act-1860.
  2.   PAN Card of Income Tax Department.
  3.   NITI Aayog in Government of India-2016.
  4.   Section-12A of the Income Tax Act-1961.
  5.   Section-80G of the Income Tax Act-1961.
  6.   CSR-1.
  7.   FCRA Act in 1976 and 2010.
  8.   MSME In Government of India.
  9.   In the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Establishment of self-reliant and organized society

To organize the target community and strengthen their economic, health, education status and to develop intellectual and visionary capacity in them.

To make the target community the builder of a developing and self-reliant and organized future.

  • Livelihood
  • Health
  • Human right
  • Environment
  • Adolescent Children
  • Youth
  • Women

Work Area

  • District – 01 Banda (Bundelkhand U.P.)
  • Blocks – 03 (Naraini, Mahuva and Bisanda)
  • Villages – 15 Villages


  1.    50 people have started using “Right to Information Act 2005”.
  2.    Through the life skills program in 250 adolescent children, the social concept of discrimination between girls and boys was developed and the understanding of protecting oneself when touched safely, uncomfortable and unsafe was developed.
  3.    So far, 123 youths have joined the source of income by establishing job work and self-employment in commercial, social, government and non-government establishments.
  4.    So far, about 3200 youths have received self-employment/technical training from the institute.
  5.    More than 23 young women were able to establish their own tailoring and beautician center and connect with the source of income.
  6.    About 300 families (newly married couples) developed the understanding of giving birth to a child of their choice after getting information about ‘family planning’.. Misconceptions about condoms among men and Copper-T, Antara among women were dispelled and their consumption rate increased by 30 percent.
  7.    In about 4250 women, the usage rate of sanitary pads increased by 25 percent keeping in mind the safety and hygiene at the time of menstruation.
  8.    2500 adolescent children developed an understanding about good and bad habits to prevent diabetes
  9.    5372 people developed understanding about the utility of natural resources, 1245 saplings were planted during the campaign and most of the people started celebrating their children’s birthday by planting saplings
  10.    Organization of 10 small and new organizations operating under Banda district was formed and they could be helped for documentation.


  • The economic condition of the youth and their families has improved.
  • Adolescent girls and women started feeling safe from unsafe menstruation.
  • The new couple is trying for maximum number of births in children.
  • Intellectual level increased in youth and adolescent children.
  • Courage to oppose exploitation has awakened in the youth.

Future Plan

  1.    Organizing 200 underprivileged youths of the community in 10 villages and linking them to the platform.
  2.    Economic, constitutional and mental/intellectual development of 200 youth and making them self-reliant.
  3.    To establish community information center among the community.
  4.    05 To create awareness among the newlyweds/family members for family planning in the village.
  5.    Preparing 5-5 trained and knowledgeable volunteers in 10 villages.
  6.    05 Awareness about safe menstruation of about 200 women and adolescent girls in the village.
  7.    05 Providing sanitary pads to girls and women in the village at the lowest price.
  8.    Providing self-employment training to 100 youth of the age group.
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